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You know what the worst thing about being out of shape is?

That you have no one to blame but yourself.

I mean really, you can blame McDonalds because burgers are cheaper than salad, you can blame your parents because they didn’t make the right kinds of food, or didn’t teach you proper nutrition growing up, you can blame the schools for having soda machines but in the end, you made the choice to pick up the fork. You made the choice to not speak up for your health. You made the choice to buy the junk food at school, and you made the choice once you learned proper nutrition in school to continue eating like you had for all those years. You make the choice to be unhealthy everyday. All you need to do is change your choices, to change your habits. It’s hard, but it gets easier over time. People are not oblivious to what they do to their bodies. You know sitting there playing video games, surfing the Internet and eating Twinkies is shit for your health and you do it because it’s easy. Is it worth the years of living your losing? Is it worth the future joint pain and heart disease? Is sitting there floating through life worth your health? Some of you will say you don’t have time for health, but you need to make time otherwise your health won’t have time for you and you’ll end up in a grave. You can be strong, you can be everything you’ve ever wanted to be. You could be that girl everyone looks at and says “Wow, can you believe she looks that amazing?” You could put forth the effort and show the world you’re not just another lump on the couch waiting in line for death. I’m begging you to stop committing slow suicide and start living, because sitting there doing nothing isn’t living. You may have a pulse and you may be breathing but you’re not living, not really anyways.

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