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Started my day off with a gulp of Envy.

A girl I went to high school with is having her baby today.

Another 2 girls I went to high school with had their babies last week.

Why does this make my physically angry.

In other news:

DO any of you PCOS suffers already have names picked out for your kid?

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19 Notes

  1. allsfairinlove-and-war said: I do! Mason (boy) and Adaya (girl)
  2. kady-is-real answered: If I ever have a girl, she’ll be Mildred Josephine.
  3. babyfoster reblogged this from thehalfassvegetarian
  4. dex-in-wonderland said: Oh yes. I have names picked out! And I know the feeling.. I hate Facebook for that reason alone.
  5. sunshinesounds answered: Yes, although between the fact that I’m single, in school and nowhere near financially ready it’s going to be a while.
  6. iraava answered: I’ve had names picked out since I was twelve. But at this point I know its going to be a long time til any babies occupy my oven.
  7. its-tana said: Yeah…it makes me so sad to see girls who dot realize what a gift their baby is. ;(
  8. aedeebrightly answered: Seth for a boy and Evelyn Rose for a girl.
  9. thirtyisdirty said: I spent yesterday hysterically crying… I so get it.
  10. weedysunshyne said: Me and my guy have names picked out, have for a few years.
  11. angelalatbh-xo answered: I do! I’ve decided 4 of my kids names. It makes me sad but happy at the same time :\
  12. iwillbeatpcos answered: It makes me angry too, especially when they go on about it being a ‘happy accident’. And yup, I do! Do you?
  13. christinapea answered: yes i do. Charles (Charlie) for a girl and Oliver (Ollie) for a boy.
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