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So, this week I will be switching Keith’s Gym membership into my younger brother’s name. He wants to be my workout partner and I have no problem with that, especially since the last time we went to the gym together he pushed me to really go a lot more than I would on my own.

I’ve been slipping up a lot since I have been stressed with moving and losing my job, but now that I live at my Mom’s bill free for  few months I am ready to get back on this horse.

I’ve got:

  • Gym membership
  • Workout Buddy
  • Supportive Mother willing to cook for my diet
  • Prenatal Vitamins started (not pregnant, don’t get excited)
  • Cocoa Butter to cure my existing stretch marks
  • New pack of birth control to regulate my cycle
  • A refill of my Metformin
  • PCOS diet, cookbook and handbooks ready

I’m just so ready to get this started. :)

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  1. omgitssarahjean said: What books did you get??? I’m still trying to get back on track =/
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